Deadly in Stilettos is a book about love, betrayal, revenge and hope. It takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, leaving you falling in love with the characters, their stories and placing yourself in their footsteps. Deminis Bradshaw, the main character, will have you laughing, crying, screaming, cheering her on to the finish line, and also coming out buying stilettos. With her sexy style, brave persona and professional demeanor, you will be able to identify with her situations and want her to succeed on her unpredictable journey. Her love for beautiful shoes, and the way she uses them as her therapy, will leave you speechless.


Sugah and Spice is a book about love, loyalty, hatred, revenge and hidden identity. Sugah Payne is searching for financial freedom when she becomes intertwined with a mysterious organization of successful young people and falls head over heels in love with the group’s leader. No one in the business is allowed to use his or her birth name, so a new identity is formed. As secrets are discovered, a world of deception unfolds. Sugah’s life is opened to a past she knew nothing about, thanks to her mother and father. No one can be trusted and Sugah finds herself in comprising positions, which leads to sex, deception and murder. As other members of the organization keep the skeletons in their closets hidden, more lives are put in jeopardy.


Sugah Payne has been kidnapped, left vulnerable and confused. She seeks answers as faces from her past reappear bringing with them total destruction.
The "Organization" has been revealed, yet deep secrets exist. Lives are jeopardized while hidden agendas are brought to light. Betrayal becomes the ultimate deception when backs are against the wall, pushing some over the edge of sanity.
Will Sugah navigate her way through this maze of murder and mayhem or will she become a casualty of circumstance that leaves her broken beyond repair? Will true identities be revealed or will they stay hidden forever?

After being recruited by a mysterious organization, kidnapped, and her sanity questioned, Sugar still finds herself facing one bad situation after another. With lies, deception, and betrayal fueling her rage she must decide who can be trusted, in order to get her life back under control. Left feeling vulnerable, lost and broken to the core when the one person she thought would never deceive her, sends her spiraling on a journey of uncovering the truth and existence once and for all. The players of the organization experience hardships of their own while trying to get a handle on the dark cloud that seems to follow them. Will each person eventually find happiness or will they pay the price for all the pain and heartache they have done to others? Will some of their own orchestrate the ultimate deception leaving them beyond repair or will new allies form to take down their common known enemy together? Has Sugar finally gotten herself in a sticky situation she won't be able to get out of this time?



After being kidnapped, left for dead, and betrayed by people she once trusted, Sugah Payne is still seeking answers to all the lingering questions in her head.

The organization she joined to gain financial security is tumbling down right before her eyes.


Will the pieces of the puzzle fall into place before it's too late?

Can Sugah handle the truth she diligently seeks or will it destroy everyone and everything around her?


Diary of a Misunderstood Brotha is the story of Anthony Lance Cole, A.K.A “Ace.” Ace is a young man trying to find his place in the world. He has endured many hardships along his journey taking refuge in sex, alcohol, and a web of lies and deceit. Being forced into engaging in sexual acts at an early age, he grows up thinking that sex is the only way to keep his sanity. It seems as though every person he allows close to him brings tragedy after tragedy causing emotional damage that pushes him to the edge of self-destruction. Using poetry and his journal to pen his thoughts, feelings and emotions, Ace finds a way to cope with living a life so misunderstood. As secrets unfold and a roller coaster ride of chaos plague Ace beyond belief, he feels as though he is cursed with pain, grief, and unhappiness. Even though he is well-educated, successful and God fearing he feels broken. Will Ace find his way to a path of redemption or will he be swallowed up by darkness? 


Ebony Trust has been through it all: teenage pregnancy, kidnapping, rape, abuse, losing loved ones, you name it she has experienced it. With one tragedy after another, Ebony doesn’t know how to let go of her past in order to live in the present, and look forward to her future. Surrounded by a loving family, Ebony is determined to get control of her life by deciding to undergo therapy. With each session, healing begins, yet another challenge is presented. Forced to conquer her fears, Ebony opens herself up to full-restoration facing them head on. She is determined to Suffer No More. Will Ebony finally get her happy ending or will her life be turned upside down again leaving her broken beyond repair?



Savannah Rose was abducted from the Milledgeville County Fair when she was only eight years old. After searching for several months, all hope of ever finding her alive vanished. Her body was never found. The town grieved the loss of such an amazing little girl, yet someone knows what really happened that day. When April Rose returns, she isn’t quite what the people she encounter imagines. She isn’t the sweet, cheerful, happy little girl they once knew.


Seeking revenge on the town’s residents for not protecting her and finding out the true identity of her abductor is the only way Savannah Rose gains any sense of justice and peace. Will she solve the mystery of her death so that she can finally transition or will her spirit stay trapped forever? Will the town of Milledgeville still exist once her mission is complete or perish before making good on the oath, taken centuries ago?


As Savannah Rose unleashes her wrath, secrets of Milledgeville meant to be kept hidden forever are exposed. Total damnation lives in the woods surrounding the quiet, close-knit town. It is up to the remaining founding-family members to keep the deal made by their ancestors intact before destruction wipes them off the map.

© Copyright 2012


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