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KeKe Chanel is an award-winning author of suspense and paranormal fiction. She began writing in third grade, starting with poetry. She spent countless days and nights under her bed reading book after book. Her parents tell her that she was a strange child. “I take pride in that,” KeKe admits. Throughout the years she explored short-stories, novellas, and eventually novels. She would use the characters she read about and her friends from school to create stories. She shared those stories with an English teacher whose encouragement inspired her to write with pride. KeKe started writing her first novel in 2005. Unfortunately, she lost the draft when her computer hard drive was damaged during Hurricane Katrina. "It was a bit discouraging, but if that book is meant to be shared, it will," says KeKe.


Her debut novel, Deadly in Stilettos, was published July of 2012. She self-published through her own publishing company, NDJ Publishing. When KeKe isn't writing, she enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends. KeKe is also a lifestyle blogger, writing coach, book consultant, and ghostwriter.


KeKe Chanel is from the small town of Greensburg, Louisiana. There wasn’t much to do in such a small town, so writing became her creative outlet. "There is nothing greater than the imagination," proclaims KeKe Chanel. "You can go anywhere in the world with people you create, if you just open your mind. There are truly unlimited possibilities to where you can go or take someone else!" 


She is a wife and mother of three, currently residing in Louisiana.


KeKe Chanel won her first Literary Award May of 2014, and has been featured in VTWILLI magazine. She was also nominated, and won, “Author of the Year” at the Black Writers and Book Club Literacy Festival held in Memphis, Tennessee in September of 2014. KeKe has been showcased on blog talk radio shows such as: My Cultural Conversations with Verona Mitchell, Let’s Talk with Ms. Shanell, and The Sharnell Williams Show.

KeKe graduated from St. Helena Central High School, and attended Southeastern Louisiana University where she majored in Psychology. Since then, she has become a Certified Life Coach specializing in personal growth and mindset. Helping others is the driving force behind KeKe's books. Since then, KeKe has started PUSH Life Coaching LLC, where her mission to help individuals unpack their mental baggage to establish a new mindset through positive personal growth.


KeKe attends events within her community and throughout the state of Louisiana, as well as meet and greets with local book clubs who feature her work. “Giving back to the people who support me is very important,” says KeKe. 

KeKe has acquired a newfound love for teaching creative writing workshops. She loves teaching the craft of writing to others who are passionate about storytelling.


Recently, KeKe decided to step from behind the scenes and venture out in front of the camera by turning her blog Kickin' It With KeKe into a talk-show which runs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. via Instagram Live. 

In January of 2022, KeKe started her podcast Kickin' It With KeKe: Life, Love, & All That Other Sh&T which focuses on engaging in unapologetic conversations centered on self-development, life experiences, and spirituality to change the narrative in our culture, community, and consciousness. KeKe's podcast is available on Apple, Google, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and many other podcast platforms. You can also watch via her YouTube channel Kickin' It With KeKe. 


"It's up to us to create safe spaces with H.O.T. dialogue. Then and only then will we manifest the change we wish to see in today's society," admits KeKe.


KeKe has been a featured guest of podcasts as such: Real Talk With Tim, Dope Discussions, What The Shit, Pillow Talk With The Tea, Nerdacity, Relationship Gumbo, What's Your Superpower, & Real Shop Talk. 

KeKe has also been featured on Shine a Light on entrepreneurs around the world with Butterfly Thoughts LLC,  The CoriLuv Show, What's Your Superpower TV, Power Conversations Coaches Edition, Cunnilingus Corner w/Flenardo, TIDA Literary Group w/Tiffany D. Young, and others. 




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